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Jota Mayúscula, producer, DJ and key figure of rap and hip-hop culture in Spain, has died on the night from Thursday to Friday. The death has been confirmed on Twitter by Radio 3, the RTVE station, where the artist had hosted El Rimadero since 1998, the benchmark program on current rap in Spanish.



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NASA has signed an agreement with the European technology company Nokia to provide 4G coverage on the Moon, which would help possible exploration of the satellite in the future

While the town of your parents or grandparents may still not have good mobile coverage, the Moon will soon have its own 4G connection thanks to Nokia.


What is hyip?

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Do you find yourself opening your eyes every morning just an instant before the alarm clock goes off? Scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies (USA) say that the key to this ability lies in a component of the biological clock that until now was unknown. Their findings are published in the latest issue of the journal Science.



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Currently, confusion continues about the number of acronyms that appear in our daily lives. Concepts like EPS, IPS or POS seem complex and difficult to remember. This text intends to explain what these acronyms mean and to continue to analyze why it is necessary for an IPS to have software in its facilities. To begin, what is an EPS? These acronyms translate Health Provider Entity and it is in charge of promoting the affiliation of…


The fashion

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The fashion launch calendar for the international winter 21 is chaotic. Name changes, brand entry and exit, collection presentations on disconnected dates. The pandemic forced a shocking restart for fashion brands, their suppliers and partners.



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When the great Francois Geurds, Heston Blumenthal’s right-hand man, opened his restaurant in Rotterdam, Najat Kaanache was clear that this kitchen hid “the magic” he was looking for. “I would go to see Geurds every Friday and every Friday he told me no, that he already had all his equipment. So, two months or so until I managed to get into his restaurant,” says the Basque-Moroccan chef from those early days. his career took off. The anecdote reflects the fighting and indefatigable spirit of this woman who today is one of the most acclaimed figures in world gastronomy.


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You no longer need an impressive quality skillet or a barbecue to enjoy delicious grilled food. Now you have at your disposal the grill trays, specially designed to be used directly in the microwave and save time and money when cooking on the grill.


محصولات گیاهی

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من به همراه جمعی از فارغ التحصیلان دانشگاهشهید بهشتی تصمیم گرفتیم بستری را برای تولید مواد اولیه گیاهی و طبیعی فراهم کنیم.مواد اولیه ای که در تولید محصولات آرایشی و بهداشتی گیاهی استفاده میشوند .